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I was allergic to Vitamin C among other things. For 22 years I hadn't been able to eat an orange, apple, onion, broccoli, spinach or just about any other fruit or vegetable (or a myriad of other packaged foods that contain added vitamin C used as a preservative) without running to the bathroom within minutes and breaking out in itchy hives within an hour. Over the years I'd asked several other doctors about my allergy and received no help. My wife attended one of Dr. Lo's lectures and he told her he can help people with all sorts of problems, including allergies. I have been seeing Dr. Lo for 3 months and my allergies are GONE. I started with the Nutritional Response Testing and moved on to allergy treatments. After receiving the cold-laser treatment for allergies. I can eat oranges, pineapple...when I go to the grocery store now, I'm like a kid in a candy store, except I'm in the produce section. I couldn't be more thankful because seeing Dr. Lo was one of the best decisions of my life!

- M.T.  34, Crofton

My daughter had a chronic cough which started at 2 years old. We took her to several doctors and specialist and they could not find what was causing the cough or resolve her issue. I then heard about Dr. Lo and took her there and he found that she had a sensitivity to sugar. Once we started to take away the sugar in her diet, the cough started to dissipate. Today she is cough free and she is 9 years old!

~S. R., 46, Edgewater

~S. R., 46, Edgewater

I was suffering from lower and mid-back pain due to horrible coughing, which eventually turned into pneumonia. I tried walking and yoga; both helped, but not nearly enough. I knew I needed more help, but didn't want to get it via medication. I no longer have any backpain, my core strength has improved greatly, and my flexibility is better than ever. I love that my back pain was alleviated naturally, without drugs, steroids, etc. Dr. Lo is the way to go!

-J.P., 44, Crofton

I came in to see Dr. Lo to maximize my health and wellness. I highly recommend Dr. Lo's nutrition program. It is so amazing to see how your body lets you know what is bothering it. Dr. Lo is able to give the best assessment and treatment to meet your body's needs.
-A.W., 32, Bowie

-A.W., 32, Bowie

I came to Dr. Lo complaining of back pain and overall joint pain. I had the necessary surgeries but It created more scar tissue and weight gain. Since working with Dr. Lo, I have lost weight, sleep better and have more regular bowel movements. Before I run to any other physician, I consult with Dr. Lo.

-S.F. , 53, College Park

I had suffered from what I thought was sinus issues for over eight years. I took over the counter medications and prescriptions with no improvement. Since starting the nutrition program with Dr. Lo, I have become much healthier and even lost some weight. We are getting closer to understanding the root of my sinus issues!

H.M.,39, Edgewater

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