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Total Wellness Care

Since 2009, Dr. Lo has completed his Advanced Certification Program in Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Lo is currently one of only a few health practitioners in the United States who have attained an Advanced Clinical Training Graduate status in the field of Nutrition Response Testing.

"How does that affect me?" you may ask...

Over the past years, Dr. Lo has used Nutrition Response Testing to successfully help many of his patients to overcome the complaints caused by allergies, food sensitivity, immune disorders, chemical or heavy metal toxicity, vaccine damage or complications.

Needless to say, we are very excited about how Nutrition Response Testing has changed our practice into a complete "Wellness Center!" With his advanced training and a higher level of expertise in the area of nutrition, Dr. Lo now has the ability to find previously hidden underlying causes of stubborn or resistive health situations. This means he is able to routinely address even the most difficult cases: chronic allergies, "can't lose weight," aches and pains that simply won't quit and hidden hypothyriodism...just to name a few.

Nutrition Response Testing: Services
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